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Guided Walks Continue in the New Year

[An image showing Guided Walks Continue in the New Year]Quite a few people have asked me in the last couple of weeks whether I am continuing with Guided Walks in the New Year, as the current listing on the website only goes up to the end of December.

The answer is emphatically yes!

I hope that it will be possible to get details for the early part of the New Year very soon, and of course the new posters and leaflets will be available in the next week or two.

In the meantime, here is the listing for early 2009.

Thur 1 Jan Happy New Year Vaughan College 11am 3.50 (2.50)

Sun 4 Jan Welford Road Cemetery Welford Road Cemetery Gates 2pm 3.50 (2.50)

Wed 7 Jan Haunted Leicester Town Hall 7pm 3.50 (2.50)

Sun 18 Jan Oadby St. Peters Church 2pm 4 (3)

Wed 21 Jan The Haunted City Clock Tower 7pm 3.50 (2.50)

Wed 28 Jan Narborough Narborough Station 7pm 4 (3)

Sun 1 Feb Grave Attraction Welford Road Cemetery Gates 2pm 3.50 (2.50)

Wed 4 Feb HAUNTED LEICESTER Town Hall 7pm 3.50 (2.50)

Fri 13 Feb Friday the Thirteenth Town Hall 7pm 3.50 (2.50)

Sat 14 Feb Shepshed Bull Ring 2pm 4 (3)

Sun 15 Feb Blaby Johns Court 2pm 4 (3)

Wed 18 Feb Haunted Belgrave Melton Turn 7pm 3.50 (2.50)

Sat 18 Apr Royal London National Gallery 1pm 5.50 (3.50)

Sat 18 Apr Crime and Punishment St. Pauls Cathedral 5pm 5.50 (3.50)

You can book places on any of these as soon as you like.