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Vaughan College (Leicester)

[An image showing Vaughan College]Vaughan College is a well-known College of Adult Education in Leicester.

It is situated in St. Nicholas Circle, opposite the Holiday Inn and close to the ancient St. Nicholas Church and the even more ancient Jewry Wall, the largest piece of Roman masonry of a civil nature still standing in Britain.

The college occupies the upper floor of the building which on its lower floor houses the superb Jewry Wall Museum.

Vaughan College takes its name from its founder, Canon David Vaughan, who succeeded his father and two elder bothers as the vicar of St. Martin’s Church, which since the 1920s has been Leicester Cathedral.

Vaughan College is the starting point for some of Colin Crosby’s Guided Walks. Those taking part should assemble on the balcony which overlooks the foundations of Leicester’s Roman Baths.

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