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Melton Turn (Leicester)

Melton Turn is an important road junction in Belgrave, to the North of Leicester, where Belgrave Road divides into Loughborough Road and Melton Road.

Belgrave Road and its continuation, Melton Road, form part of the Fosse Way, the famous Roman road which ran from Lincoln through the Cotswolds to Exeter.

This part of Belgrave is known as the Golden Mile, referring to the huge amount of gold sold in this street - more, it is said, than in any capital city in Europe. It is also famous for its beautiful sari shops, its sweet shops and of course its excellent Indian restaurants.

Belgrave Road and Melton Road are even more visited in the Autumn for the famous Diwali lights. Diwali is a religious Festival of Light, very important in the Hindu and Sikh religions. The lights themselves, in a fine example of intercultural cooperation, become Christmas lights a few weeks later.

Close to Melton Turn is the factory owned by Charles Bennion, the philanthropist who gave Bradgate House, the birthplace of Lady Jane Grey, and Bradgate Park to the people of Leicester.

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