Colin Crosby Heritage Tours

Haunted Walks This Autumn

Now that the Summer is pretty nearly over, I am leading several of the very popular Haunted Walks over the next few weeks.

So if you like hearing about ghosties, ghoulies, long-leggedy beasties and maybe things that go "bump" in the night, then you'll probably want to know about these.

On Wednesday evening 6th September it's "Haunted Leicester", the lonely streets of Leicester's half-forgotten Old Town, where many ghosts are said to lurk. This walk starts outside the Town Hall at 7pm. Tickets are 3.50 on the night, or 2.50 when paid in advance.

On Tuesday evening 19th September I'm leading "The Haunted City", the eerie streets of Victorian Leicester, with many tales of ghosts. This starts at the Clock Tower at 7pm. Tickets are 3.50 on the night, or 2.50 in advance.

Then on Wednesday evening 4th October, "Walk in Dread" looks at hauntings in the New Walk area. The starting point is the Town Hall at 7pm. Tickets are 3.50 on the night, and 2.50 in advance.

And on Wednesday evening 18th October, the walk is "The Shades of Night", close to Welford Road Cemetery, so we cannot be sure that nobody will creep over the wall and join us. This walk starts at Welford Road Cemetery Gates at 7pm. Again, tickets are 3.50 on the night, or 2.50 if paid for in advance.

On Saturday afternoon 28th October "Goosepimples" has children in mind. Many children would like to come on the Haunted Walks, but cannot because it is too late at night. This walk is designed for children, or anybody else who doesn't want to be out at night. The walk starts at the Town Hall at 2pm. The cost is 3.50 on the day, or 2.50 when paid in advance.

Tuesday 31st October is, of course, Hallowe'en. The walk that night is "Hallowe`en at Oadby". It starts outside St. Peters Church at Oadby at 7pm. Tickets are 4 on the night, and 3 in advance.

Then on Saturday evening 4th November it's one of the Haunted Walks in London. This time it's "Haunted London", in search of some of the ghosts of old London Town. The walk starts outside Fenchurch Street Station at 5pm. Tickets are 5.50 on the night, or 3.50 in advance.