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How to Retire Interestingly

I gave a talk recently for the Adult Education Centre in Leicester.

This is a talk that I give two or three times a year, as part of a course run by the centre for people who are about to retire.

The course looks at things like the financial implications of retirement, as well as health related matters and the like.

My bit looks at how to have fun after you’ve retired, without necessarily having to spent a fortune on travelling around the world.

I lead course members towards the realisation that there are many good things to see and do in their local counties of Leicestershire and Rutland.

For example, Leicester has a number of excellent museums, including the New Walk Museum, the Jewry Wall Museum, Abbey Pumping Station and the iconic National Space Centre.

But if museums interest you, there lots more, in various places including Loughborough, Market Harborough, Melton Mowbray , Lutterworth, Oakham and Hallaton.

Leicester has no fewer than five mediaeval churches in the City Centre (which roughly corresponds with the Old Town), including Leicester Cathedral. Very few places have this number surviving.

Then there are lovely parks; the wide expanses of Charnwood Forest; two steam railways, the Great Central between Leicester and Loughborough, and the Battlefield Line, in the Market Bosworth area.

Of course if you like food, you can visit Melton Mowbray and take away some of its brilliant hand raised pork pies and Stilton cheese (not to mention Red Leicester).

Sport? How about Leicestershire County Cricket Club? Or Leicester City Football Club? Or Leicester Tigers, the massively successful Rugby Club?

This just scratches the surface, of course. There’s a huge amount of things to do.

Why not, if you are about to retire yourself, get in touch with the Adult Education centre and enrol on a course?