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Abbey Pumping Station (Leicester)

[An image showing Abbey Pumping Station]Abbey Pumping Station is situated in Corporation Road, off Abbey Lane in the Belgrave area of Leicester. Abbey Lane is part of the A6.

The building was constructed to pump Leicester's sewage to a plant at Beaumont Leys. The work of pumping was done by massive beam engines, locally made by the Gimson engineering company.

The pumping station is now one of Leicester's Museums. For a while it was known as the Museum of Technology, but the name has now reverted to Abbey Pumping Station.

The Museum contains an impressive collection of artefacts concerning hygiene - baths, wash basins, etc. A very popular display, particularly with children, is the famous interactive toilet.

Other displays relate, among other subjects, to transport and the cinema.

Abbey Pumping Station holds a number of "in steam" days, when the beam engines can be seen in operation.

Close by is the National Space Centre, the only one outside North America, which was opened in 2001 as one of Britain's major Millennium projects.

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