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Jewry Wall Museum (Leicester)

[An image showing Jewry Wall Museum]The Jewry Wall Museum can be found in St. Nicholas Circle, just off Vaughan Way, part of the city's inner ring road and opposite the Holiday Inn.

It is in the same building as the adult education centre known as Vaughan College. From the street, steps lead up to the college and down to the museum.

The museum is named after the Jewry Wall, the largest piece of surviving Roman masonry of a civil nature in Britain, which was part of the wall of the baths complex.

The museum has a collection of artefacts recording Leicestershire social history from the earliest times to 1485, when the Battle of Bosworth, fought near Market Bosworth, changed the course of English history, as Henry Tudor defeated Richard III.

Many of the exhibits are Roman, Leicester having been an important Roman town, and the glass walls mean that the foundations of the baths, excavated outside, and the Jewry Wall itself, can be seen as a backdrop while visiting the museum.

Where is Jewry Wall Museum?

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