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Half Price Tickets for Coach Trips

Half Price Tickets for Coach Trips

If you fancy going on one of my popular Coach Trips from Leicester, you have the opportunity at the moment to sample one half price.

Just email me on and let me know what trip you have chosen. You can have two seats on a trip (or one if you prefer to go by yourself).

You can find details of all this year’s excursions by visiting this website, and clicking on Upcoming Events.

If you enjoy visiting historic cities, especially with a Guided Walk included, you can choose from the exquisite cathedral city of Ely; Cirencester, an important Roman town; and Hereford, another attractive cathedral city.

Or maybe you like the sort of tour where you stop three times for about an hour each at nice towns. You could choose the Captain Cook Country Tour, around North Yorkshire, visiting Marton, Staithes and Whitby; the Thames Valley Tour, with visits to Lechlade, Marlow and Windsor; or the New Forest Tour, visiting Lyndhurst, Lymington and Christchurch.

If a Sunday afternoon trip is more your scene, there’s the Heart of England Tour, around Warwickshire, with a visit to Kenilworth.

And then there are the morning trips, which tend to stay in the Leicestershire and Rutland area. Here you could pick from the John Clare Country Tour; Richard III Tour; and Nottinghamshire Borders Tour.

You might, incidentally, be particularly keen on visiting markets, in which case you’ll be pleased to know that the Cirencester excursion is on Market Day.

So have a think about those, and email me to let me know what you have chosen.

Just one thing, though - the offer is just open for a few days. To qualify, you have to get in touch no later than Sunday 11th June.

I’ll look forward to hearing from you.