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Marlow is a very pleasant town beside the River Thames in Buckinghamshire.

The delightful High Street leads down to the river, which is spanned by a splendid suspension bridge erected in 1829.

All Saints Church by the river dates from a similar period to the bridge, while St. Peter’s Church preserves what is said to be the hand of St. James the Apostle. The Catholic Church was designed by Augustus Pugin.

Marlow has a number of literary connections. The Shelleys lived at Marlow, and it was here that Mary Shelley wrote “Frankenstein”. Jerome K. Jerome wrote much of “Three Men in a Boat” at the Two Brewers, and the Compleat Angler celebrates Izaak Walton

Places in Marlow

All Saints Church, Higginson Park, Marlow Station, St. Peters Church, Suspension Bridge

Places in Marlow...