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Guided Walks in Charnwood Borough

[An image showing Guided Walks in Charnwood Borough]Charnwood Borough's annual Guide to Guide Walks in their area, centred on Loughborough, has just been published.

The Guide is put together by the Council's Nita Pearson, in a bid to encourage Charnwood's population, not to mention visitors, to be as healthy as possible by taking part in some enjoyable walking.

The walks are arranged chronologically, with one of three distictive logos beside each.

Firstly, there are walks professionally led by a Blue Badge Guide (which in each case is me).

Secondly, there are walks led by members of the community assisted by Council staff, or by health and fitness professionals.

Finally, some of the walks are organised by Leicestershire County Council or other local bodies.

The first walk is on Monday morning 9th April, from Shepshed to Piper Wood, and later on that week there are walks in Barrow-upon-Soar, Mountsorrel, Queniborough, Rothley and Charnwood Water.

The first of my walks to be listed is on Tuesday evening 24th April. This one is Waterside Loughborough. Over the next few weeks I am leading walks in Birstall, Rothley and Quorn.

I personally hope to see as many people as possible on my walks, and I commend the others to you.

You should be able to pick up a copy of the Guide from the Tourist Information Centre at Loughborough Town Hall or from public libraries in the area, or you could telephone 01509 - 634836.