Colin Crosby Heritage Tours

Guided Walks for Groups

Have you ever thought of organising a private Guided Walk for members of your group? I will be very pleased to arrange it for you.

I lead walks for all sorts of groups – Women’s Institutes, Townswomen’s Guilds, Rotary, Round Table, Lions, Probus, churches, youth clubs, Scouts, historical societies, family history groups, staff clubs etc etc.

Any walk that I have done before (for example, the ones that appear on this website) can be done for your group, and if there is something else you feel might be appreciated I am open to suggestions.

The most popular walks (the ones most often requested) are

Haunted Leicester” – the lonely streets of Leicester’s half-forgotten Old Town, where many ghosts are said to lurk.

The Haunted City” – the eerie streets of Victorian Leicester, with many tales of ghosts.

Welford Road Cemetery” – Leicester’s amazing Victorian necropolis, opened in 1849, and the fascinating people who are buried there.

Mediaeval Leicester” – the oldest parts of Leicester, where many chapters of English history are set.

“Secrets of New Walk” – Leicester’s unique Georgian walkway, on the line of a Roman road.

Street Names of Leicester” – The odd and frankly eccentric names of streets in the City Centre and Old Town, with explanations of their meanings.

Waterside Leicester” – A stroll beside the river, the canal and the Old River Soar, as well as the Great Central Way, staying close to the City Centre.

Old Belgrave” – Leicester suburb whose village origins can still be seen when you know where to look.

Market Harborough” – Delightful old market town whose story involves the Civil War, coaching inns, Thomas Cook and the infamous Liberty Bodice.

Market Bosworth” – Pretty market town which gave its name to one of the most crucial battles in English history, where Richard III lost his crown and his life and the Tudor dynasty came to power.

Uppingham” – Rutland market town whose elegant stone buildings hark back to an almost-vanished England.

And of course there are lots more. Feel free to get in touch to discuss your group’s requirements.