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Nottingham is a historic and commercial city in Nottinghamshire, overlooking the River Trent.

It was, along with Derby, Leicester, Lincoln and Stamford, one of the Five Boroughs of the Danelaw.

Nottingham Castle, prominent in the legends of Robin Hood, originated in Norman times, but the present building, dominating the city from the impressive Castle Rock, is a17th century mansion now used as a museum.

It was at Nottingham in 1485 that Richard III began his campaign to defeat the rebellion led by Henry Tudor, leading to his untimely death near Market Bosworth.

It was also at Nottingham in 1642 that Charles I raised his standard at the start of the Civil War, which led ultimately to his execution.

Nottingham makes much of the Robin Hood connections, with The Tales of Robin Hood an exciting indoor attraction, and with a statue outside the entrance to the castle.

At the foot of the Castle Rock, the Old Trip to Jerusalem Inn is one of the claimants to the title of oldest in England, and next door the Brewhouse Yard Museum incorporates period shops. Both these buildings are built back into the rock.

There are two large indoor shopping centres, the Broad Marsh Centre and the Victoria Centre, both of which incorporate bus stations. Under Broad Marsh, tours can be made around the city's extensive cave system.

The Lace Market was the district largely occupied with the production of Nottingham lace, and nearby is the popular attraction known as the Galleries of Justice.

Nottingham's main Anglican church is the 15th century St. Mary's Church, while Nottingham Cathedral (Catholic) covers a diocese stretching across much of the East Midlands.

Boots the Chemist was founded by Jesse Boot in Nottingham, and the city has also been famous for Raleigh bicycles and Players cigarettes.

There is now a modern tram system, comparable to those at Manchester and Sheffield.

Nottingham has two League football grounds, a Test cricket ground, and the National Ice Centre.

A little outside the centre is Green's Windmill and Science Centre, and in the other direction, in a splendid park, is the magnificent 16th century Wollaton Hall.

Among those born in Notingham are satirist John Bird; chemist Jesse Boot; Salvation Army founder William Booth; children's illustrator Tom Browne; footballer Andy Cole; ice skater Christopher Dean; mass murderer Dr Harold Shipman; novelist Alan Sillitoe; and ice skater Jayne Torvill.

Blue Badge Guide Colin Crosby is available to lead Guided Walks around Nottingham for groups.

Places in Nottingham

51 Castle Gate, Bestwood Country Park, Brewhouse Yard, Bulwell Hall Community Garden, City of Caves, Galleries of Justice, Green`s Mill, Nottingham Arboretum, Nottingham Castle, Nottingham Cathedral (Catholic), Nottingham Station, Old Salutation, Old Trip to Jerusalem, St. Marys Church, Tales of Robin Hood, University Park, Wollaton Hall, Wollaton Park, Woodthorpe Grange Park

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