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Nottinghamshire is an interesting Midlands county, vaguely pear-shaped from North to South, which is partly industrial and partly green.

The city of Nottingham, on the River Trent, lies close to Leicestershire. It has a 19th century castle, whose predecessors featured in the stories of Robin Hood.

Nottingham has three claimants to the title of oldest inn in England, including the Old Trip to Jerusalem.

Nottingham’s fame today comes from Boots the Chemist, Players cigarettes, Raleigh Bicycles, General Booth of the Salvation Army and Torvill and Dean. Nottingham now has a fine tram system.

On the outskirts, in a beautiful public park, is the magnificent 16th century Wollaton Hall.

Sherwood Forest, much of which still survives, is the traditional home of Robin Hood and his Merrie Men.

Newark is a very historic town, with a superb parish church, an enormous Market Place, and the extensive ruins of the castle where King John died.

Southwell has its Minster, which in fact is an Anglican cathedral, and is where Charles I was handed over to the Republicans during the Civil War.

Edwinstowe, in Sherwood Forest, has the Major Oak, said to be the largest in Britain, and is reputedly where Robin Hood married Maid Marian.

Mansfield is another market town, and has a tree that is said to be centre of Sherwood Forest.

West Bridgford is effectively a suburb of Nottingham, on the opposite bank of the Trent, but contains County Hall, Trent Bridge cricket ground and Nottingham Forest football ground.

Much of Nottinghamshire’s prosperity in the past came from coal and from its beautiful lace.

Among the famous sons of Nottinghamshire are Lord Byron, from Newstead Abbey, and D.H.Lawrence, from Eastwood.

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