Colin Crosby Heritage Tours

Tickets Now Available in City Centre

[An image showing Tickets Now Available in City Centre]I am delighted to be able to announce that you can now buy tickets for my Guided Walks and Coach Trips in Leicester City Centre.

I have made arrangements with Leicester Shire Promotions, and from now on they will be able to sell tickets at their office.

This is the Tourist Information Centre, in Every Street opposite the Town Hall, which is open during normal shopping hours.

It applies to the Guided Walks that I run in Leicester itself (forthcoming ones include "Grave Attraction" and "Walk in Dread"), around Leicestershire and the the East Midlands ("Melton Mowbray" and "Stamford and All Saints"), in Essex ("Rochford and Hawkwell" and "Old Southend") and in London "John Wesleys London" and "The Haunted Capital").

It also includes my Coach Trips around the local area ("Staffordshire Borders Tour" and "Rutland Tour") and to destinations all over the country ("York" and "Kent Tour").

When you're passing the office, why not pop in and book some tickets?