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Dionysius, Hardulph and Egelwin

“Dionysius, Hardulph and Egelwin: The Church Dedications of Leicestershire and Rutland” is a new talk which I have available for groups.

The names by which churches are known can be quite fascinating, and this talk looks at the dedications of churches in the area around Leicester.

Not only what the names are, but an explanation of who the people mentioned actually were.

It includes the very familiar ones, such as St. Mary, St. Peter, All Saints, Holy Trinity, but also some that are rather more obscure.

Starting in Leicester City Centre, we have St. Martin’s Church (now Leicester Cathedral), St. Mary de Castro Church, St. Nicholas Church, St. Margarets Church and All Saints Church, and earlier churches in the Old Town included St. Peter’s, St. Michael’s and St. Clement’s.

And the three unusual dedications in the title?

St. Dionysius is the parish church of Market Harborough.

St. Hardulph is included in the ancient church of St. Mary and St. Hardulph at Breedon-on-the-Hill.

And St. Egelwin is at Scalford.

Do get in touch if your group would be interested in this talk.