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Financial Advertisers and a Fat Cat

Sometimes clubs and companies ask me to lead Guided Walks for them, and one of the most popular types of walk is the ghost walk.

I recently led a Haunted Leicester walk for Bankfield Financial Advisers, organised as one of their corporate functions – they do about half a dozen a year.

I took the advisers, together with their wives and partners, around the oldest parts of the town, pausing on the way in the churchyard of St. Mary de Castro Church as well as the environs of Leicester Castle and the Turret Gateway.

The group were regaled with tales of Leicester hauntings, including the story of the terrifying Black Annis and my own experience with the little dog who confirmed the truth of what I was saying.

A nice way to finish off the evening was the meal at the Fat Cat restaurant in Belvoir Street. It was nice to be asked – and I enjoyed the meal and the company very much.