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Turret Gateway (Leicester)

[An image showing Turret Gateway]The Turret Gateway is an imposing 14th century structure in the heart of Leicester's historic Old Town.

It is situated in Castle View off the Newarke, and can be reached on foot by subway from Newarke Street, or by road from Western Boulevard.

The gateway, sometimes erroneously called Rupert's Gateway (there was a Rupert's Gateway in a portion of wall demolished over a century ago) leads from the Castle precinct to the Newarke, which was a 14th century addition to Leicester Castle.

The Newarke consisted largely of religious-based buildings, including the Church of the Anunciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary, in which Richard III lay in state for three days before being buried at the Grey Friars. The church was demolished in the 16th century.

However, it became an upmarket suburb during the Civil War, when the town walls had crumbled but the walls of the Newarke were still strong.

There were three entities in Leicester surrounded by walls - the town itself, the Castle and the Newarke. The wall between the Castle and the Newarke still largely stands.

In 1645 the Turret Gateway found itself under attack during the Siege of Leicester, when Charles I and Prince Rupert successfully breached the town's defences. This was followed by their disastrous defeat at the Battle of Naseby, just over the county boundary in Northamptonshire.

There was formerly a two storey house on top of the gateway, which was badly damaged during the siege, but even more so during 18th century election riots.

The Turret Gateway looms large in the horrific legend of the terrifying Black Annis.

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