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Battlefields of Leicestershire

[An image showing Battlefields of Leicestershire]All those with an interest in the history of Leicestershire will appreciate a recently-published book called “Battlefields of Leicestershire”.

Written by Trevor Hickman, this well-illustrated book uncovers the sites of battles that have taken place in the county throughout history, as well as other sites with a military background.

Probably the best-known and most influential battle in Leicestershire was the Battle of Bosworth, outside the charming little market town of Market Bosworth. It was here that Richard III lost his crown and his life, and the Tudor dynasty came to power.

Trevor covers this battle, of course, as well as plenty of others, such as the Siege of Leicester and other Civil War skirmishes in, for example, Cotes and Melton Mowbray.

He also brings in castles, including the ones at Leicester, Ashby-de-la-Zouch, Belvoir, Whitwick and Mountsorrel, and other sites where earthworks can be seen, such as Sauvey Castle and King Lud’s Entrenchments.

It’s a jolly good book, and is available at all good bookshops around the county.