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Gates and Bridges (A Guided Walk in Leicester)

[An image showing Gates and Bridges]“Gates and Bridges” is a very interesting Guided Walk in Leicester devised and led by Blue Badge Guide Colin Crosby, of Colin Crosby Heritage Tours.

These walks are an enjoyable way to soak up some Local History.

The walk starts at the Cathedral Fountain, in the heart of Leicester’s Old Town.

Leicester was a walled town in Roman and mediaeval days, and had four town gates – North, South, East and West.

Gates were very important to a mediaeval town. They could be used to control who entered the town. For example, people with aggressive intent or people suspected of carrying disease could be kept out, and so could craftsmen who might bring unwanted competition.

Bridges were also important, and of course they still are, especially the ones over natural obstacles such as rivers.

This walk visits ancient gateways such as John of Gaunts Cottage, the Turret Gateway and the Magazine Gateway, as well as the sites of two of the town gates.

It also visits bridges on ancient sites such as West Bridge, Bow Bridge, Frogmire Bridge, North Bridge and Braunstone Bridge, as well as newer bridges connected with the canal and the Great Central Railway, including the much-loved Bowstring Bridge.

“Gates and Bridges” will appeal to anybody interested in Leicester’s heritage.

Dates, costs and where to meet

A place on 'Gates and Bridges' costs £6.00 per person, or £5.00 if paying in advance. The guided walk begins at Richard III Statue, and is running on:

I'm sorry, but there are no plans to run this event at present.

If you would like to book a place on one of these dates, please telephone Colin on (0116) 2611576 or email him at

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