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Swinford Ladies Go A-Haunting

I recently took a party from Swinford Ladies Group on a ghostly walk around the historic old market town of Market Harborough.

Swinford is a village in the far South of Leicestershire, close to the borders with Northamptonshire and Warwickshire.

Lots of people go on ghostly walks in Leicester, such as “Walk in Dread” and “The Ghosts of Christmas”, and quite a few go on my similar walks in London, like “The Haunted Capital”.

But it’s unusual to be asked to lead such a walk in one of the other Leicestershire towns, so I was more than delighted to do it.

We walked around not only the town’s picturesque High Street, but also some of the darker courtyards and passages, where not much imagination is needed to conjure up visions of phantoms.

It was a good evening, ladies – thanks for being such an appreciative audience!

Something else that was nice for me was to discover that one of the group comes from Wickford, not far from my home town of Southend in Essex.