Colin Crosby Heritage Tours

Richard III Tours on Foot and by Coach

There are forthcoming tours looking at the Leicester and Leicestershire connections with Richard III, both on foot and by coach.

I will be leading these tours, the Guided Walk in May and the Coach Trip in September.

Many people are fascinated by Richard III.

Most probably accept the view put about by William Shakespeare and Thomas More, in the Tudor period, that Richard was a vile monster.

A growing number, however, can see that that was the view most amenable to the Tudor monarchs, and that Richard was really a tragic and much-maligned King.

Richard spent his last night in a bed at the White Boar Inn at Leicester, and was killed in battle near Market Bosworth. His body was brought back to Leicester and buried at the Greyfriars.

The “Richard III” Guided Walk is on Sunday 28th May, and looks at the many places in Leicester City Centre and Old Town associated with him.

The starting point is outside the Town Hall at 2pm. Tickets are 3.50 on the day, and 2.50 when paid for in advance.

The Coach Trip is “Richard III Tour” on Wednesday 13th September. This will be a tour of the area between Leicester and the battlefield near Market Bosworth.

The coach leaves St. Margarets Bus Station at 9.30am, returning about 2pm. Tickets are 8.

I would advise early booking for both these tours.