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Leicester Market Voted Britain`s Best

[An image showing Leicester Market Voted Britain`s Best]Leicester Market has for many years been regarded as outstanding, but now comes an official accolade.

A public vote was conducted on the internet by the National Assocaiation of British Market Authorities, and the most popular was Leicester. Great stuff!

Leicester is an unusual market, being is held in a traditional Market Place, which has however been covered over. It is the largest covered market in Europe, and there is also an indoor element, where in particular meat and fish are sold.

This set me thinking about other fine markets. I would certainly not quarrel with the vote for Leicester as best, but here are some of the others that I would rate as runners up.

Market Places. Chesterfield; Loughborough; Melton Mowbray; Newark; Northampton; Norwich; Romford; Salisbury.

Street Markets. Skipton; Walthamstow.

Market Halls. Durham; Leeds (Yorkshire); Oxford.

Well done to the Leicester market traders!