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Skipton is an attractive market town in Yorkshire, 16 miles from Bradford, which is often referred to as "the gateway to the Dales". It is in Airedale, and also in the area long known as Craven, from which it derives its longer name of Skipton-in-Craven.

The town's origins can be traced back to the 7th century, when it was known to Anglian farmers as "Sheeptown".

There are splendid old alleyways and courtyards as well as a thriving market.

Holy Trinity Church dates back to the 14th century, and stands at the top of the High Street. It has a 12th century font.

Behind the church is Skipton Castle, which was first built by the Normans in the 12th century. However, only a gateway remains from this period, as most of the castle was rebuilt in the 14th century by the Clifford family, with further remodelling by the redoubtable Lady Anne Clifford in the 17th century.

The Craven Museum has exhibits relating to local history and particularly geology.

Skipton is on the Leeds and Liverpool Canal, and pleasure boat trips are available.

It is also on the railway which leads to the famous Settle and Carlisle Line.

The politician Ian McLeod was born at Skipton.

Places in Skipton

Aireville Park, Skipton Castle, Skipton Station

Places in Skipton...