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Durham is a very picturesque cathedral city in the North East of England, 14 miles to the South of Newcastle-upon-Tyne.

The city is known as the cradle of Christianity in England, and the historic capital of the North East.

Durham has a spectacular setting on a rocky promontary almost surrounded by the River Wear. The magnificent Durham Cathedral and Durham Castle stand side by side overlooking the river, and together are a World Heritage Site.

The original church was built here in 995, when monks chose the site as being suitable for the shrine of St. Cuthbert. He had died in 687, and for much of the period since then his remains had been carried around to keep them safe from marauding Vikings.

The cathedral also features the shrine of the Venerable Bede.

From the Norman period until 1836 Durham was a Palatinate, ruled in effect as Kings by the Bishops of Durham, who were styled "Prince Bishops".

Durham University now uses the castle as Halls of Residence, and the Bishops have moved to their palace at Bishop Auckland.

Framwellgate Bridge was built in 1120, Elvet Bridge about the same time and Prebends Bridge in 1777.

Roger Whittaker had a hit record with "The Leaving (Durham Town)".

People born in Durham include C. E. Joad, philosopher and broadcaster; Alan Price, musician and singer; and Michael Scott, wizard.

Blue Badge Guide Colin Crosby is available to lead Guided Walks around Durham for groups.

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Crook Hall, Croxdale Hall, Durham Castle, Durham Cathedral, Durham Station, Market Place, Prebend`s Bridge, St. Mary the Less Church, Town Hall

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