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Quorn and Woodhouse Station (Quorn)

Quorn and Woodhouse Station is the railway station serving the Leicestershire village of Quorn.

It is situated on the edge of Quorn, on the road to the smaller village of Woodhouse in Charnwood Forest.

The station was on the Great Central Railway, the last main line to be built in England in the 1890s, and shamefully the first to be closed, under the Marples Axe, in 1963.

A stretch of this railway, between Loughborough Central Station and Leicester North Station, is now reopened as a steam heritage railway.

Trains originally ran from Nottingham through Loughborough to Leicester, Rugby and Marylebone Station in London.

D. H. Lawrence proposed to a young lady from Quorn in a railway carriage between Quorn and Rothley.

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