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Peterborough Station (Peterborough)

Peterborough Station serves the cathedral city of Peterborough.

It is close to the city's indoor shopping centre, in which is the Bus Station.

The present station buildings are modern.

Peterborough is on the main line from Kings Cross Station in London. Trains reach the city by way of Huntingdon, and continue to Grantham, Newark, Doncaster, York, Durham, Newcastle-on-Tyne and Edinburgh.

It is also on an important cross country line, with trains arriving from Birmingham, Leicester, Melton Mowbray, Oakham and Stamford, and continuing to Ely, Cambridge and Stansted Airport.

The station for the restored Nene Valley Railway is close by. This runs to Wansford, and formerly continued to Rockingham and Market Harborough.

There was another line which ran to Thorney, Wisbech and Kings Lynn.

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