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Christ Church (Mountsorrel)

[An image showing Christ Church]Christ Church is one of the two parish churches in the Leicestershire village of Mountsorrel, on the edge of Charnwood Forest.

It is situated in the South End of the village, while St. Peters Church serves the North End.

Christ Church forms a picturesque group with the Village Green, an attractive one in its own right, at the junction of the old A6, from Leicester to Loughborough, and the road to Rothley.

It is known that there was in the Middle Ages a church in this general area, but it is believed that this was situated a little up the hill towards the site of the castle.

The church's existence stems from the generosity of a lady from Surrey, who wished to use some of her inheritance to endow a church. She made enquiries, and ascertained that a new one was needed at Mountsorrel.

Christ Church was built of local granite in 1844, with a pretty spire surmounting the West tower. A chancel was added in 1899.

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