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Village Green (Mountsorrel)

[An image showing Village Green]The Village Green in the Leicestershire village of Mountsorrel is one of the finest in the county.

Leicestershire is not very well endowed with village greens, but the green here can stand comparison with the well known greens in Essex and Suffolk.

It is situated in the South End of Mountsorrel, where the road to Rothley branches off from the old A6, between Leicester and Loughborough.

The green has a slight slope, at the top of which stands the 19th century Christ Church, and at the bottom is the Baptist Chapel, as well as its predecessor, once visited by the hymn writer Isaac Watts.

Jut off the green is the old pinfold, and overlooking the green are the crags of Charnwood Forest, source of the famous Mountsorrel granite.

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