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Newarke Bridge (Leicester)

Newarke Bridge at Leicester crosses the canalised River Soar.

It is one of four bridges built in similar styles, though not exactly the same as each other, around the turn of the 19th / 20th centuries. The others are West Bridge, Mill Lane Bridge and Upperton Road Bridge.

The Newarke itself is one of the most historic areas of what is one of Britain’s oldest towns. It dates back to the 14th century, when it was an addition (the “new work”) to Leicester Castle, and was surrounded by its own wall.

On the Newarke side of the bridge are the delightful Castle Gardens, which contain the motte of Leicester Castle and a statue of Richard III. On the Braunstone Gate side is the 20th century replacement for the mediaeval Trinity Hospital.

Newarke Bridge is used as the starting point for some of Colin Crosby’s Guided Walks, with participants assembling beside the entrance to Castle Gardens.

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