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Woolwich is a district of Greater London, formerly in Kent, with historic military connections. It is pronounced "Woolidge".

The Royal Arsenal, which covered 600 acres and closed in 1963, is where the world famous Arsenal Football Club began.

The Royal Artillery Barracks are nearby.

The Rotunda, built by John Nash in 1814 and moved from St. James s Park, contains a museum of arms and artillery.

Henry VIII opened a Royal dockyard at Woolwich in 1512. It closed in 1869.

From a visitor centre there are views of the gates of the Thames Barrier.

There has been a ferry across the River Thames since the 14th century, and the present Woolwich Free Ferry began in 1889.

The Woolwich Building Society ("we`re with the Woolwich") was founded in 1847.

Woolwich was the birthplace of General Gordon.

Blue Badge Guide Colin Crosby is available to lead Guided Walks around Woolwich for groups.

Places in Woolwich

Building 40, Royal Military Academy, Woolwich Arsenal Station, Woolwich Dockyard Station

Places in Woolwich...