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Thurmaston is a village a little to the North of Leicester, and to the South of Syston.

The main street of the village is actually the Fosse Way, the famous Roman road that ran from Lincoln via Leicester and the Cotswolds to Exeter. A Roman milestone was found in the village, and a later Anglo-Saxon cemetery has also been discovered.

Thurmaston was formerly split between two parishes. South Thurmaston was part of Belgrave, and North Thurmaston was part of Syston. The surviving 13th century St. Michaels Church is on the High Street, while there is just a fragment of St. John the Evangelist left behind a block of flats.

The canal runs behind the High Street, and here forms part of the lovely Watermead Country Park, through which the lovely River Soar also flows.

On the Northern edge of the village there is a modern shopping centre.

Blue Badge Guide Colin Crosby is available to lead Guided Walks around Thurmaston for groups.

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