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St. Michaels Church (Thurmaston)

St. Michael’s Church, or to give it its full dedication St. Michael and All Angels, is the parish church of Thurmaston, a village to the North of Leicester.

It stands on the Fosse Way, the famous Roman road which ran from Lincoln via Leicester and the Cotswolds to Exeter.

Looking along the street of this village, now bypassed by the busy A47, it is easy to see where the church is, as trees in the churchyard overhang the pavement.

The church was built about 1220. From this date the attractive tower still stands, but the rest was rebuilt by Henry I. Stevens in 1848, reusing the original arcades.

In the pleasant churchyard stands a memorial to a young army drummer, who was murdered nearby.

The churchyard is used as the starting point for some of Colin Crosby’s Guided Walks.

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