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[An image showing Maldon]Maldon is a very pleasant town in Essex with a salty maritime air.

At the head of the Blackwater Estuary, Maldon is many miles from the sea, but has a definite maritime flavour. The much-loved Thames barges are well in evidence, and take part in races, while Maldon is famous for the production of sea salt, which is available in the better delicatessens around the country.

All Saints Church, in the High Street, is unique - it has a triangular tower. Behind the church is the lovely timber-framed Rectory.

Many of the shops in the High Street, which runs down to the Blackwater, are in houses dating back some 500 years.

Famous people born in Maldon include John Crawley, the England cricketer; and Horatio Gates, the American general who forced the British surrender at Saratoga.

Edward Bright, who lived in the town, reached an astonishing 42 stone, and held the record for weight until beaten by Daniel Lambert of Leicester.

Joseph Bilio, non-conformist minister, used to preach so eloquently and quickly that he gave rise to the expression “like Bilio”.

Beside the waterfront is a lovely park, named Promenade Park, where many an Essex family spend a happy day.

In 991 the Battle of Maldon was fought outside the town, between the men of Essex, led by Britnoth, the only credible English general at the time, and the Viking invaders under Olaf Trygvasson. The honourable English defeat is immortalised in the oldest narrative poem in the English language.

There were once two railway lines to Maldon, but sadly (ridiculously in one case) both are closed. But there are frequent buses from Chelmsford and Colchester.

Blue Badge Guide Colin Crosby is available to lead Guided Walks around Maldon for groups.

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All Saints Church, Battle of Maldon Site, Blue Boar Inn, Combined Military Services Museum, Congregational Chapel, High Street, Maeldune Centre, Maldon District Museum, Market Hill, Moot Hall, Promenade Park, Public Library, St. Giles Hospital, St. Marys Church, The Hythe, Topsail Charters, Vicarage

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