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Gravesend is a bustling maritime town in Kent, 7 miles from Rochester. It is on the South bank of the River Thames.

Gravesend has for centuries been the place where coastal pilots give way to river pilots.

The 18th century St. George`s Church stands on the site of an earlier one. It was here that the native American princess, Pocahontas, was buried in 1617, and she is commemorated by a statue.

There are several old inns and weatherboarded houses in the old town centre.

From the Town Pier, a passenger ferry operates across the river to Tilbury on the Essex side. A former car ferry was discontinued when the Dartford Tunnel was created.

It was from Gravesend that George Fox, and John and Charles Wesley, embarked on their voyages to America.

The highest shade temperature ever recorded in Britain was 38.1C (101F) at Gravesend on 10th August 2003.

Gravesend was the birthplace of Edwin Arnold, the poet and journalist who became Editor of the "Daily Telegraph".

Blue Badge Guide Colin Crosby is available to lead Guided Walks around Gravesend for groups.

Places in Gravesend

Gravesend Station, Milton Chantry, Riverside Leisure Area

Places in Gravesend...