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Rochester is an ancient cathedral city in the historic county of Kent, on the River Medway.

The city dates back to Roman times, when it was an important settlement on Watling Street, where this famous Roman road, having come from Richborough and Canterbury, crossed the Medway on its way to London.

Rochester Cathedral is on the site of the cathedral created in 604 as the result of the mission of St. Augustine, and is the second oldest cathedral site in the country.

After the Norman Conquest, a new cathedral was built, and also the massive Rochester Castle.

There are several old gateways into the cathedral precincts.

It was at Rochester that Henry VIII met, and unfortunately was appalled by the sight of, Anne of Cleves, whom he had agreed to marry.

Rochester has many connections with the great 19th century novelist Charles Dickens, who set a number of scenes in his books in the city. Rochester commemorates this with an annual Dickens Festival.

There is an excellent Visitor Centre, connected to a coach dropping off point.

Blue Badge Guide Colin Crosby is available to lead Guided Walks around Rochester for groups.

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Chertsey Gate, Guildhall, Restoration House, Rochester Castle, Rochester Cathedral, Rochester Station, Royal Victoria and Bull Hotel, Visitor Centre

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