Colin Crosby Heritage Tours

What I Did in Prittlewell

I spent the first 21 years of my life at Westcliff, literally down the street from Prittlewell. Both places are suburbs of Southend, although Prittlewell is the mother village.

As a baby, I was baptised at St. Marys Church.

When I was still a young boy, I was taken to Roots Hall (which was not yet the football ground) to see a circus.

My grammar school, Southend-on-Sea High School for Boys, was at Prittlewell. Occasionally, when the school pitches were unusable, I played football and hockey in Priory Park.

I atteded a funeral at St. Mary`s Church.

I didn`t go to the first match that Southend United played at Roots Hall against Norwich City, but I did go to the second against Reading, and was hooked, becoming a regular supporter. Many years later, I had a complimentary season ticket, and used to sit with the players who weren`t playing.

My first marriage was at St. Mary`s Church.

My Mum and Dad moved to Manners Way, and I stayed there lots of times.

Today, in my capacity as a Blue Badge Guide, I have led Guided Walks entitled "Prittlewell" and "Prittlewell and Sutton".