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Prittlewell is a suburb of Southend in Essex, but is in fact the larger town's mother village.

The name Southend comes from the seaside town's origins as the South end of Prittlewell.

St. Mary's Church is a magnificent mediaeval building with a splendid tower. There are traces of Saxon foundation, and this may be one of the sites founded by St. Cedd, whose 7th century St. Peter-ad-Murum Church at Bradwell-juxta-Mare is an astonishing survival.

Prittlewell Priory was a Cluniac priory, which became a private house at the Dissolution of the Monasteries. There are interesting fragments adjoining the house, which is now a museum in the lovely Priory Park.

An important and sumptuous burial, of a Saxon king, was discovered at Prittlewell, and the details of this are still under investigation.

Roots Hall, Southend United's football ground, is at Prittlewell.

Blue Badge Guide Colin Crosby is available to lead Guided Walks around Prittlewell for groups.

Events in Prittlewell

Boyhood Memories, Prittlewell, Prittlewell and Sutton

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Priory Park, Priory Park Gates, Prittlewell Priory, Prittlewell Station, St. Marys Church

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Events in Prittlewell...