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St. Marys Church (Prittlewell)

The church of the Anunciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary is the parish church of Prittlewell, and the mother church of Southend.

It is one of the most magnificent churches in Essex, and built largely of Kentish rag.

St. Mary's is basically a mediaeval church, but has a Saxon doorway, and is likely to be on the site of one of the churches founded by St. Cedd in the 7th century.

Its position is in the centre of the old village, a little to the South of Prittlewell Priory.

There is a large and striking West tower with battlements. The font is Perpendicular, and there is an early 16th century door and part of a 14th century coffer. The porch is of two storeys.

The school next door grew from the mediaeval school provided by the Guild of Jesus, which had its headquarters in the church.

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