Colin Crosby Heritage Tours

Very Successful Trip to Cirencester

I recently took a coach party of people from the Leicester area to the historic old town of Cirencester in Gloucestershire.

As in the case of all my trips to specific towns, this one included my Guided Walk around Cirencester.

Those taking part (and if you come on one of these trips, you don't have to go on the walk if you don't want to) were shown all the celebrated sights of the town centre, and some others that are not so well known.

I showed them the magnificent St. John the Baptist Church, the Market Place, the Corinium Museum, Cecily Hill, the sublime Cirencester Park and the Roman Remains.

Everybody thought it was great.

In the morning we stopped for coffee at Benedict's at Coventry Cathedral, and in the evening I used Strensham Services.

Before we got to Cirencester, I treated the group to one of my unannounced surprises - we had a short stop at Fairford, where we were able to admire the parish church's fantastic array of mediaeval windows.