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[An image showing Cirencester]Cirencester is a splendid old market town in Gloucestershire, in the lovely English region known as the Cotswolds.

As Corinium, it was one of the most important towns in Roman Britain, and the excellent Corinium Museum reflects this importance. On the edge of the town lie the remains of an amphitheatre.

Cirencester was the site of an important Abbey. Still visible is the Spital Gateway, and the grounds of the Abbey are now a public park.

The magnificent wool church of St. John the Baptist Church, mostly of the 15th century, is entered from the Market Place by a three-storey porch, which was at one time used as the Town Hall.

It was at the Saxon forerunner of this church that the Danish King Guthrum was baptised.

Cirencester Park contains the five mile Broad Walk, which is open to the public by courtesy of the Earl of Bathurst. It is approached by the exquisite Cecily Hill.

The house at the entrance to the park is rarely seen from the outside world, except from the top of the church tower, as it is hidden by the extraordinary yew hedge which has grown to some 40 feet.

There are also some Roman building remains beside the River Churn, and some arches from the 12th century Hospital and Chantry of St. John the Evangelist.

Ernest Gimson, the renowned furniture maker from Leicester, had a workshop at Cirencester.

Cirencester is a thriving market town. The Market Place contains not only the church, but other fine buildings such as the Kings Head and the Corn Hall.

Blue Badge Guide Colin Crosby is available to lead Guided Walks around Cirencester for groups.

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Abbey Gate, Cecily Hill, Cirencester Park, Corinium Museum, Deer Park, Market Place, Roman Remains, St. John the Baptist Church, St. John the Evangelist Hospital, Wool Market

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