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Portsmouth to Celebrate Abolition of Slave Trade

The maritime city of Portsmouth is to stage a major celebration of the abolition of the slave trade.

2007 is the bicentenary of the abolition in the British Empire, and the Royal Dockyard will be hosting an exhibition entitled "Chasing Freedom: The Royal Navy and the Supression of the Atlantic Slave Trade (1807 - 2007)".

The exhibition will focus on the Royal Navy's part in combating slavery, a cause for which many sailors gave their lives.

The exhibition is due to open in January 2007 and is set to run well into 2008.

It will thus be open when I next bring a coach party to Portsmouth, for the "Portsmouth Festival of Christmas".

As a matter of interest, the Bill to outlaw slavery in the British Empire was drafted on the lawn outside the Rothley Court Hotel in Leicestershire. I am expecting considerable interest in Guided Walks around Rothley next year.