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Old Belgrave Slide Show

I went to Belgrave Hall, the famous 18th century house in the Northern suburbs of Leicester, recently to see a slide show of Old Belgrave.

There was a lot of interest locally, and the room was full of local people, many of whom remembered some of the long-gone places that were featured.

The slide show was put together and presented by Roger Hutchinson, and I must say that I found it very interesting and stimulating.

Roger hopes that from this relatively small beginning, it might be possible to form a local history group. Anybody interested in being involved should contact Roger at Belgrave Hall.

And if you are interested in the Belgrave area, I’ve got some Guided Walks coming up there shortly.

There’s “Haunted Belgrave” on Wednesday evening 8th March; “Old Belgrave” on Sunday afternoon 19th March; and “Waterside Belgrave” on Tuesday evening 11th April.