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Leicestershire Legends and Traditions

[An image showing Leicestershire Legends and Traditions]I recently gave my "Leicestershire Legends and Traditions" talk for the Kirby Muxloe Local History Group.

This is certainly one of the most popular of the many talks that I have in my repertoire.

The talk was in the Village Hall at Kirby Muxloe, and attracted a large audience, some of whom I already knew.

I talked about legends concerning King Lear, the alleged founder of Leicester; John of Gaunt, and his connection with morris dancing; Richard III, and the prophecy given by an old woman on Bow Bridge; and of course the terrifying Black Annis.

Coming into the story too were the Whipping Toms in The Newarke, and the extraordinary annual goings on in the pretty village of Hallaton, which was also the centre of the forgotten cult of St. Morrell.

Leicestershire has, for such a small county, a wide range of legends and traditions, and I am always happy to talk about them.

Some of the traditions in Leicester are recounted on the "Black Annis and Friends" Guided Walk.