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Leicester`s Place in English History

[An image showing Leicester`s Place in English History]"Leicester`s Place in English History" was the title of a talk which I gave recently to members of the Leicestershire Wildlife Trust.

The venue was the Firebug Bar in Millstone Lane, the building which was once the Gas Offices.

I showed that throughout English history, over the last two thousand years, all the important events and periods had a connection with Leicester and the surrounding area.

For example, Leicester was an important Roman town on the Fosse Way; it was one of the Five Boroughs during the Danish occupation; Simon de Montfort, Earl of Leicester, was effectively King for a short period; Richard III spent his last night in a bed in Leicester, before being killed at Market Bosworth and buried at the Greyfriars; Lady Jane Grey, the nine day Queen, came from Bradgate Park; and Thomas Cook began mass tourism with his trip from Leicester to Loughborough.

That`s just a selection, of course.

I am very happy to give this talk for other groups. If you feel that your club or society would be interested, feel free to get in touch.