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Bradgate is an area of Charnwood Forest, between Leicester and Loughborough.

There was a mediaeval village in the area, situated towards Cropston.

Bradgate Park, complete with deer and peacocks, was purchased in the 1920s by the shoe magnate Charles Bennion, and given to the people of Leicester. It remains a very popular place for visiting and walking.

Bradgate House was built by the Grey family from Groby in the late 15th century. It was the birthplace of the tragic Lady Jane Grey, Queen of England for nine days at the age of sixteen. Built of red brick, it is now a picturesque ruin.

One of Bess of Hardwick`s weddings took place at the chapel.

Old John is a well known folly, standing on top of a hill also known as Old John.

The park has a cafe and Visitor Centre, close to the shores of Cropston Reservoir, and the little River Lin flows through from Newtown Linford, where the main entrance is situated.

Places in Bradgate

Bradgate House