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Free Local Bus Rides All Over England

[An image showing Free Local Bus Rides All Over England]People in England who are over 60 years old or have a disability are to get free bus travel anywhere in the country, from 1st April.

The Government announced this a couple of years ago, and the time has almost arrived.

Until now, the entitlement has been free bus travel within the person's district council area, although in most cases it has been extended to all over the relevant county.

But from 1st April it is extended to all over England.

I live in Leicester, and after quite a long wait my own entitlement was extended to all of Leicestershire and to towns just over the border, such as Derby and Nottingham.

Soon, though, I will be able to use my pass, for example, when I go to Southend to visit my mother. At present I have to pay full fare.

Of course the same applies when one is on holiday or on business anywhere in England.

Anyway, it's good that the new system is about to come into being.

Or is it?

I filled in and returned my form, with new photographs, way back last Autumn, but as yet have not had so much as an acknowledgment. I have not yet found a single person who has received the new pass.

Isn't it getting a bit close?