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Free Bus Travel for Over Sixties

[An image showing Free Bus Travel for Over Sixties]If you didn't know about it already, and you qualify, you'd better start thinking about registering for your free bus pass for all local services throughout England.

As it stands, people over 60 qualify for free bus travel, outside the peak morning period, in their own district council area, although in most cases this has been extended to the whole county.

For example, I am entitled, because of my advanced years, to free bus travel after 9.30am Monday to Friday and all day Saturday and Sunday throughout Leicestershire and Rutland. This also extends to certain towns over the border, such as Nottingham, Derby, Rugby and Coventry, provided that one end of the journey is within the borders.

It also entitles me, by virtue of a local arrangement, to half price rail travel within the same area.

From April 2008, all persons over 60 will qualify for free bus travel on local services anywhere in England.

I am particularly pleased about this, as when I spend time in the Southend area I not only do not get bus rides free, I have to pay full price!

So if you are away on holiday, or on business, or visiting friends, so long as it is within England, you will be able to travel free on the buses.

Great, eh?

Just make sure you get the form in to your local authority without delay. I've already done mine.