Colin Crosby Heritage Tours

Exploring Melton Mowbray

[An image showing Exploring Melton Mowbray]I led a private Guided Walk over Easter around the fascinating Leicestershire market town of Melton Mowbray.

I had been asked to do this by Brian Evans of Loughborough, who had arranged for a group of friends to visit from Grimsby.

The walk started outside the splendid St Marys Church, which is sometimes taken for a cathedral, and other buildings that I was able to show included Anne of Cleves House and the Maison Dieu.

Along the way, I explained the significance of foxhunting to the development of the town, not forgetting the wonderful hand raised pork pies and Stilton cheese.

Everybody agreed that there is far more to Melton Mowbray than they had dreamed.