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Event UK and the National Incentive Show

I went to the National Exhibition Centre (NEC) at Birmingham recently, to attend two trade shows which are useful to me as a Blue Badge Guide.

"Event UK" is the new name for what used to be the National Venue Show. Exhibitors tend to be hotels, universities and civic halls, where conferences and meetings can be held and in some cases where delegates to these functions can stay.

"The National Incentive Show" runs in tandem with the other show, and is also interesting for me. Various companies exhibit, and show ways in which their products can be customised to clients` needs. These can include T-shirts, pens, bags, calendars, diaries - even sweets!

As always, it is an ideal opportunity for networking. I had the pleasure of talking to people from Birmingham, Canterbury, Coventry, Hull, Leicester (particularly interesting as I live there) and Sheffield.