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Sheffield is one of England's major cities, with a population of over half a million. It is in South Yorkshire, and 144 miles from London, being served by trains from St. Pancras Station and by road along the M1.

The city lies on the River Don, close to the Peak District and the Pennines, so that the countryside is never far away.

By the 17th century, Sheffield had become noted for its cutlery, and this was later followed by steel. By 1850, the city was producing 90 per cent of Britain's steel.

Harry Brearley discovered stainless steel here by accident in 1913, and John Brown, inventor of the railway buffer, began his career in a workshop in the City Centre.

There are two cathedrals, Anglican and Catholic, and two universities, Sheffield and Sheffield Hallam.

There are also a number of theatres, one of which, the Crucible, is best known for championship snooker.

Sheffield can boast two leading football teams, Sheffield United and Sheffield Wednesday.

Close to the station are the Winter Garden and a museum set up by the art critic John Ruskin. The green credentials of the city are enhanced by an excellent Botanic Garden and a well designed General Cemetery.

Sheffield is one of England's few cities far-seeing enough to have set up a modern tram system. This links the City Centre with the universities and Meadowhall, one of the country's largest shopping centres.

James Montgomery, 19th century editor of the "Sheffield Iris", wrote the English words to "Angels From the Realms of Glory".

Notable persons born in Sheffield include Gordon Banks, footballer; Sean Bean, actor; Malcolm Bradbury, novelist; Antonia Susan Byatt, novelist; Joe Cocker, singer; Margaret Drabble, novelist; Roy Hattersley, politician; Jimmy Jewel, comedian; Phil Oakey, singer, Michael Palin, Python and TV presenter; Helen Sharman, first Briton in space; and Ben Warriss, comedian.

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Places in Sheffield

Ecclesall Woods, Lyceum Theatre, Norfolk Heritage Park, Sheffield Botanical Gardens, Sheffield Cathedral, Sheffield Cathedral (Catholic), Sheffield Station, Sheffield Winter Garden, Tropical Butterfly House

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